Ancala West is not just a name. It is a lifestyle. Fast Cars. Fast Boats. Fast Motorcycles. Underground.

Speed up, you move too slow.
You got to make the morning go. go. go.
Just kicking down my shifter throw.
Looking for sun and drivin' my groovy.
Blew past that speed sign post,
What cha know?

You hide and watch my horsepower grow.
Ain't cha got no slow times for me?
Vroom' Vroom' Got to go,
Feelin' groovy.

Your speed bumps won't slow me down,
No promises to slow makes you frown.
I'm strapped in, jacked up and ready to speed.
Let this morning drop petals to the metal..
Speed, I love you,
All is groovy.

Important Ancala Safety Advisory:

The streets in our Scottsdale 'hood have seen tragic and sometimes fatal accidents involving teen drivers who drove recklessly in our neighborhood, including the time not too many years ago when a teen driver was killed when he drove off the road and was killed by a giant saguaro cactus that crushed his car on North 113th Place in Ancala.  Safety first, please. Speed bumps don't save lives. People do.